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Remote controls are one of the most popular technological innovations of the 20th century. The ability to sit in one's comfy chair and control flat panel televisions, DVD players, stereos and even the lights may be commonplace today, but it still feels luxurious. Virtually any electronic gadget can have one; unfortunately, that also means you can get stuck with a drawer full of them. A large collection of remote controls can also increase the chance of losing one, or more, of them. Fortunately, Sears stocks a wide range of replacement TV remotes that can consolidate the power of your wireless tech into one handy unit.

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Take command of your electronic equipment with TV remotes from Sears

Chances are good you have a remote control of some sort in your home. Whether it operates the garage door, TV set, ceiling fan or DVD player, remote controls have become a labor-saving part of lives. Occasionally, however, those handy little devices can pile up and take up space; or worse, get lost. Thankfully, in most cases, they can be replaced. In fact, universal remotes have become a popular solution to consolidating the functions of many devices into one. This modern marvel can actually be programmed to operate several different pieces of equipment with a single multi-function unit. Although it may take a while to calibrate the control to match the frequency of each device, the convenience, not to mention the cash savings on batteries, is well worth it.

Most people will agree that they enjoy convenience: to get what they want or go where they need to be quickly and easily. They also appreciate being able to save time and precious living space. Like remotes, inventions such as combo TVs were developed to combine the best aspects of a television and a DVD player (or VCR) into a single handy unit, thereby minimizing the need for extra shelf room. Coffee makers with digital clock displays, clock radios and toaster ovens have all come about as a result of people's passion for multitasking.

Technology is becoming increasingly capable of multi-functionality. Televisions are a great example of this trend. Take today's LCD TVs, for instance. They look like big computer monitors and can also be used as such. Simple accessories, like cables or wireless relays, can connect laptops and PCs with TVs to display movies, slideshows and other presentations. Special remote access capabilities even allow you to interface with your TV, computer or home security system via your cellphone. This type of wireless control is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives with no sign of stopping.

The trend for combining technology is not just popular at home. Companies have embraced the concept of combining and streamlining electronic equipment to conduct business. A simple laptop and digital light projector now combine the functionality of a film projector, slide carousel and transparency projector to deliver presentations. Easy-to-get projector accessories like replacement bulbs, wall mounts and remote controls then add the finishing touches to make meeting rooms complete.

Consumer fondness for convenience and efficiency has had a major impact on the technology market. The practice of combining multiple functions into a single electronic device has produced numerous multitasking innovations like home computers and smart TVs. Wireless telephones and remote controls now make it possible to operate virtually any machine from a distance. If you're looking for options to maximize your leisure time from the comfort of your sofa, check out Sears for the latest in universal remote controls and assorted multifunction electronics.


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