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Display your flat-screen TV on your wall with wall mounts at Sears

You're excited to install your new flat screen TV in your home. You're going to create an amazing TV viewing area in your living room, your basement or your game room. With the right mount, you'll be able to rotate, tilt or move your TV in full motion. Sears carries TV wall mounts for TVs of all sizes and weights, just be sure you get one that fits your specific flat screen television. Sears carries wall mounts and TV mounts from Arrowmounts, Level Mount, Diamond, OnmiMount and other trusted brands. No matter what range of motion you plan on having your television set, Sears carries TV mounts suitable to your needs.

The most important thing to consider when buying a wall mount is its durability. Can it hold the size and weight of your television? Once you've determined which wall mount is suitable for your television, it's time to plan: where are you going to mount it? It's ideal to mount a flat screen TV level with seating arrangements. You don't want to sit on the sofa or on living room chairs and strain yourself by looking up at the TV is it's mounted too high. You want to set the TV at a height where everyone can comfortably watch without straining themselves and to view without a glare. Consider your windows and lighting when deciding where the mount you TV in whichever room you choose.

Make sure you have enough furniture in your living room. Even if you plan on mounting your TV to save yourself floor space, still consider the other living room furniture you may need. Get an ottoman to use as a coffee table and as storage; hide a throw blanket inside an ottoman to grab when watching late night TV shows. If you're limited on space in your living room, consider a futon that can double as a couch and a bed.

Once you've got your TV set, you're ready to enjoy it to its full potential. Keep all your movies and video games in one place. Buy DVD storage and display your movie and music collection, or organize them alphabetically or by genre. From CD/DVD towers to storage cabinets and shelves, you'll find a perfect way to display your movie collection.

TV wall mounts are a great way to save space and to create a focal point in any room. Be sure to buy the correct mount depending on the size and weight of your TV so you get maximum support. Whether you're mounting a flat screen TV in the living room, the bedroom or the family room, make sure you have plenty of seating and DVD storage so you can enjoy your movies and TV shows comfortably. Shop Sears for TV wall mounts today.

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