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      You've invested in a fancy flat-panel TV, and you want to make sure it stays in new condition. The less handling, dust and other risk factors, the better, especially when it comes to the high-tech display. Keep your television covered and properly safeguarded with TV screen protectors from Sears. Our TV cover options include dust jackets for occasional use and transparent layers that affix to your screen while still allowing you to view. Preserve home theater HDTVs, computer monitors and projection screens with TV screen protectors from trusted brands.

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      Preserve your flat-panel television with TV screen protectors from Sears

      Your home theater is finally perfect, with a high-definition TV as its focal point. Maybe your computer now is equipped with an auxiliary flat-panel display. Your business has multiple TV screens to provide the constant entertainment customers demand. No matter how you're incorporating today's high-tech televisions, you'll want to keep them clean and safe for the clearest viewing and the longest performance. The selection of top-brand TV screen protectors from Sears can help. With dust jackets and transparent screens in a range of sizes and materials, you'll find just what you need to shield your TV.

      Dust, fingerprints, smoke and scratches can dramatically affect your TV display. When you've sprung for a flat-panel television with the latest LED lighting and HD clarity, the last thing you want to risk is compromising picture quality. Carefully safeguard your screen without sacrificing viewer experience with a transparent TV cover. These sturdy plastic layers are easy to install and look nearly invisible, allowing you to fully enjoy your TV's sharpness and detail. They come perfectly sized for your particular model and mount to the frame without hardware or tools. They won't block speakers or overheat your TV, and they can even reduce ultraviolet radiation that emanates from your set. When it's time to clean the house or erase the kids' fingerprints, these covers simply snap off and pop back into place.

      If you're not one to spend tons of time watching TV, consider a removable dust cover. Made of sturdy materials like nylon or vinyl, often with padding for extra cushion and scratch-resistant lining, these TV screen protectors easily slip around the frame and attach with elastic or Velcro straps. They're lightweight and durable, so you can put them on and take them off over and over - perfect for protecting secondary sets or LED monitors, and covering TVs in the workplace at closing time. Look for dust covers in sizes and designs that accommodate different mounting, and wraparound jackets that protect rear components in addition to your screen.

      Thinking of taking your entertainment outside? TV covers offer indoor/outdoor versatility, letting you move your LED TV to the patio party or make a man cave out of your garage. Dust covers work as well against dirt, bugs and environmental impurities as they do against indoor dust, and transparent covers help protect against impact in case of crowded spaces or rowdy sports events. You'll want your TV safely indoors in the event of inclement weather, but TV screen covers provide adequate shelter for your television on pleasant days - by the pool, in the beer garden or at the barbecue.

      Whether you want to prevent the little ones from touching your television, or you need to keep your display pristine for professional purposes, you can ensure it won't get dirty or damaged with a quality TV screen cover. Shop Sears today for TV covers to help you maintain like-new function and a clear, clean view.


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