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TV Accessories

Improve your television experience with TV accessories from Sears

You've chosen the perfect TV for your home entertainment needs. Now, it's time to enhance your setup with essential TV accessories. Pick up smart TV equipment extras like 3D TV glasses for a 3D TV, or a universal remote control to simplify command of your entertainment electronics. Whether you're looking to hang a flat panel TV on the wall and need TV mounts and brackets, or you wish to combat dust bunnies with TV screen cleaner, find the clever television accessories you need at Sears.

A television setup isn't truly complete without a cable surge suppressor. Protect your television, DVD and Blu-ray players, and other audiovisual equipment from dangerous power surges. Plug your TV audio cables and other television cables into a surge protector to safeguard your electronics from damaging surges and spikes. Sears offers surge suppressor options that feature ceramic casings for fire protection, as well as options with alarms that inform you each time your electronics are protected from hazardous conditions.

From protecting your equipment to making the most of it, Sears has the TV and computer monitor accessories you need. Discover 3D glasses for your 3D television, and enjoy an incredible viewing experience. With options specially designed for individuals who wear optical eyeglasses, or quick-charge 3D glasses that provide hours of use from just minutes of charge time, you'll find the right 3D glasses for your lifestyle. If your TV has a glossy screen, reduce nuisance glare with a genius television screen protector. Easy to install, these screens are scratch-resistant, and they absorb impact to shield your TV from damage.

Look to Sears for other TV and projector accessories, meant to provide smart solutions you can use. Shop for tilt, full motion and fixed TV mounts and brackets that allow you to save space by hanging a flat panel television from the wall instead of placing it on a stationary stand. Browse universal remote controls, meant to simplify your channel surfing by consolidating the many controllers that come with your favorite electronics. We also offer specialty TV accessories including wireless keyboards, wireless display adapter kits and video calling devices that are sure to take your TV to the next level.

No matter what kind of TV you have, we have the TV equipment and television accessories that ensure you're enjoying the best possible experience. Whether you have a state-of-the-art 3D TV and need 3D glasses, or you're in the market for a surge suppressor to protect your TV from dangerous power conditions, you'll find all of your most important TV must-haves. Carrying options from great brands like Sharp, Panasonic and RCA, Sears will connect you with the TV accessories you need to get the most from your television.