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Connect all your high-definition audio video equipment with a TV HDMI cable from Sears

HDMI, short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is one of the tools that brings a new world of entertainment into living rooms around the world. A TV HDMI cable transmits high-definition audio and video signals without needing multiple connectors that can tangle behind your set. Some HDMI cables can even transmit Internet data, though you need to have a smart TV or other compatible television to take advantage of this advanced feature. Sears offers a number of HDMI connectors and mini HDMI connectors that you can use to hook up all of your high-definition audio video hardware.

The HDMI standard has been around for more than a decade. Since its debut, the HDMI group's founders have revised its specifications to increase the capabilities of the audio, video and Internet data that can be transmitted over the cable. Current TV HDMI cables, which are available at Sears, can send and receive "4K" video signals. 4K is double the horizontal and vertical resolution of a typical 1080p projector or TV, which brings ever more realistic images to your plasma TV and LED screens.

There are projectors that are coming out with HDMI connectors so you can get the look and feel of a movie theater, all without having to fight a crowd. Sears carries widescreen projectors from top-rated brands that can display 3D images when used with a TV HDMI cable. Put on your 3D glasses, and hold on to your seat as you get ready to experience movies as if you were actually there.

While most projectors include a single input for an HDMI TV cable, smart HDTVs, plasma televisions and other traditional LCD and LED TVs will usually have multiple HDMI ports. This is handy if you have several HDMI capable devices but not an audio video receiver. Modern HDTVs won't leave you in the cold if you have any "legacy" AV equipment. A VCR or an older video game console can hook up to your brand new television with a composite or S-video cable.

TV HDMI cables come in a number of lengths. There are also longer versions, which are ideally suited for mounting inside a wall. This allows you to connect your HDTV or projector without a mess of cables. Whether you have a standard or mini HDMI connector, Sears has the right cable that will allow you to take full advantage of your high-definition home theater equipment.


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