Protection Agreements

Protection Agreements

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Protect your investment with a Sears Protection Agreement

Sears Protection Agreements offer comprehensive coverage at a great value. Over 12 million customers enjoy peace of mind with a Sears Protection Agreement.

Benefits include:

  • Convenience Schedule professional repair service day or night
  • No surprises No unexpected repair bills and no hidden charges
  • Outstanding value Parts and labor at no extra charge for covered repairs
  • Expert repair Powered by our very own Sears Blue Service Crew

Learn More

For more information about Protection Agreements, please call 1-800-4-MY-HOME.

If you already have a Protection Agreement, you can:

  • Extend your current coverage
  • Ask questions about your Protection Agreement features and benefits
  • Request a copy of your certificate, which includes a complete listing of the terms and conditions Compare agreement options and details!
Compare agreement options and details!

The ultimate option for the unexpected.

More budget conscious plan that covers what you need.

Low-cost alternative that covers the basics.

An alternative to a paid service call.

Coverage for smaller home items.