Ultrabooks vs. Tablets vs. Laptops

The Ultrabook is a shiny new device pioneered by the engineering minds at Intel. Unfortunately, many people don't really know what makes an Ultrabook unique from a laptop or similar to a tablet. In fact, the newest generation of Ultrabooks will give you the opportunity to access apps and social media with the touch of a finger and prepare for an important business meeting in the same day. Ultrabooks offer many features that people have come to know and love with portable devices such as tablets, while still retaining the ability to keep up with your day to day work requirements.

Ultrabooks vs. Tablets

Intel's requirements for Ultrabooks state that they must awaken quickly from sleep mode and run applications speedily while the computer is open. These features are very similar to tablets and e-readers like the Nook. All of these handheld devices turn on at the touch of a button or, in some cases, as a case is opened, which allows you to immediately plunge yourself into the technology. In this way, Ultrabooks are very similar to tablets. Ultrabooks are also enabled with wireless technology that helps them connect to other devices like television screens for enhanced experiences. Many tablets rely on wireless networks and relays to provide fresh and streaming content to users, and they also hook up to larger devices when you need a screen that is a little bit larger.

Ultrabooks are now required to come enabled with a touch screen, which means you will be able to access programs and apps with your finger, just like a tablet. Ultrabooks will still offer a full keyboard which will be helpful if you need a device that helps with correspondence and work obligations. Because the keyboard is still a part of the device, and Ultrabooks run a full Windows 8 operating system, your Ultrabook will not be as small as a tablet. However, Ultrabooks are required to be slim enough to be easily portable.

Ultrabooks vs. Laptops

At first glance, an Ultrabook may appear to be just another laptop. After all, it is basically a computer with a full keyboard and Windows 8. Ultrabooks will run your work software, give your children a place to write papers and do homework, and allow you to surf the web or stream media with ease. Additionally, you will have to use anti-virus and adware to keep your Ultrabook in fine working condition, just as you would have to perform regular maintenance on a laptop.

Unlike many laptops, Ultrabooks are quite portable. Intel's requirements dictate that they be smaller than the average computer, so they can easily be transported in book bags, totes and briefcases. Ultrabooks also awaken very quickly from hibernation, while most laptops take a few minutes to boot up. Finally, Ultrabooks feature touchable screens that obviate the need for a mouse in many situations, simplifying the design of the portable laptop.

Depending on your needs, you might prefer a laptop or a tablet for daily activities. However, you can get the best of both worlds with an Ultrabook, a portable electronic device that computes and operates with innovative features. Stop by Sears to compare your tablet or laptop to the Ultrabook and take advantage of Intel?s great new design.

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