Unique queen comforter designs and bedroom decor ideas

If you are tired of looking at the same old bedding designs year after year, then you may want to opt for more unique styles of bedroom linens that fit your personality and decor. While it might seem like you won't find much in the aisles, you can actually find some very unique items if you look hard enough. Add in a little do-it-yourself style, and you will be putting together queen size comforter sets like a pro!

Queen size comforters are usually the most picked-over, since queen size beds are fairly popular. Thus, you may find designs you love, but they are missing from the shelf in your size. Most people give up at this point, but it doesn't hurt to ask a nearby employee to take a look in the stockroom for additional items. Often, they just haven't gotten around to re-stocking the shelves and the perfect comforter is sitting in the back with your name on it. Other stores offer rain checks or free shipping options if you can't find the style you like in-store. You can have the item shipped to your house, or many companies will ship to store for convenient pick-up.

If you have always thought stores don't offer enough variety in queen comforters, take another look. Many stores now lure top designers to create in-house boutique styles that change season by season. Some designers will stay on with the company for an extended period, while others appear just for one launch. You will be able to find unique comforters, pillows and sheet sets that appear in limited quantities and keep your home decorated with a style like no one else. In-house boutique styles tend to be more expensive, but if you wait, you may be able to find some items at a steep discount when the season ends. However, if the line is popular, there may not be much to choose from when stores finally clear the shelves to make way for something new.

Get eclectic

If coordinated boutique styles are not enough for you, try a more eclectic approach. Pick out a color scheme and then mix and match different styles from store brands. Each season, most stores stick to color schemes that will blend well together. You can buy comforters, queen size sheets, pillowcases and decorative pillows separately and put them together for an eclectic style all your own. For added uniqueness, decorate the pillows and comforter yourself. The easiest do-it-yourself decor ideas involve iron-on trimmings and transfers, or using fabric paint stencils. Stencils and iron-ons take very little time to apply and are fairly inexpensive. If you want something a little more handcrafted, you can hand sew beads or embroidery designs into the fabric, or you can hire a seamstress to do it for you. The most time-consuming option is to make your bedding set from scratch. You will be able to pick from thousands of fabric designs and styles, plus you will be able to pick out patterns and designs that aren't offered in the stores. You will likely spend more for materials and construction than you would on a store-bought set, but you will have a completely custom-designed bedroom of your own.

A unique queen bedding set is not hard to find when you know what to look for and how to get exactly what you want. Whether you are looking for a set offered by an in-house designer, mix-and-match pieces or supplies to decorate your own comforter, come to Sears for a great selection of items that will fit your bedding needs.

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