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Valentine's Day is tailor-made for expressing affection, with perhaps a dollop of whimsy. What could be a better gift for your Valentine than a stuffed animal from Sears? We have the right match whether you're shopping for a child or for a romantic partner. The kids' eyes will get saucer-sized over our adorably plush dogs, frogs or even a bunny; a suitable sidekick for Valentine's hearts or Easter baskets. Meanwhile, the sight of a cuddly teddy bear in full Valentine's Day regalia is sure to melt any girlfriend's heart.

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Find Romantic and Charming Valentine's Day Stuffed Animals at Sears

A stuffed animal for Valentine's Day is a classic gift, just like Christmas or Easter stuffed animals. Valentine's Day stuffed animals are cute and cuddly, but they can also be very romantic. Plush toys really are a gift that's appropriate for any age and gender. From babies to grandmas, an adorable stuffed animal makes everyone smile. Even the stoic hearts of manly men will melt a little when they're presented with a stuffed animal that reminds them of their favorite childhood companion.

Choosing the right stuffed animal is the key to gift-giving success. For small children, it's important to select a toy without loose parts that could be pulled off and placed in the mouth. Items that are easy to clean and can be thrown into the washing machine once in a while are the best choices for little ones. Sears carries plush toys that are safe and appropriate for even your youngest Valentines.

Teens and tweens will appreciate the trendy stuffed animals at Sears, items that tie into current pop culture or television programs. And whether it's dad to daughter, friend to friend or crush to crush, nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a stuffed animal festooned in red and pink and carrying a plush heart. If the older kid you're buying for collects monkeys, frogs or Disney-related items, then purchasing a Valentine's gift that fits into that collection shows your interest in their hobbies; what a great way to demonstrate your love! Every child wants to know someone is paying attention.

But don't think plush toys are just kids' stuff. A stuffed animal can be a romantic gift for both men and women. What man wouldn't love a teddy bear wearing a handsome watch and what woman could resist a stuffed bunny sporting a diamond tennis bracelet? Using a stuffed animal to present a second, more mature Valentine's gift gets you extra points for creativity. So much of gift giving lies in the presentation! A Valentine's Day stuffed animal from Sears can be the beginning of a memorable holiday.

Hearts, flowers, chocolates, jewelry and stuffed animals: it's the classic Valentine's Day package. Shopping for everyone on your list is easier when you shop at Sears. Whether you need a stuffed duck fresh out of the egg for baby's first Valentine's Day or a cart full of items for friends and co-workers, count on Sears for all of the Valentine's Day decorations and gifts you're looking for.


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