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When you cannot bring home a pet, remote control animals from Sears may help to fill the void that your kids feel. Robotic dogs not only bark and make authentic canine noises, but also dance, sing and even tell stories to the children. Augment this purchase with remote control playsets for cars, robots and motorcycle models. If your kids look for something that will make bath time more fun, get some remote-controlled fish that are perfect for the backyard pool or the tub. Your kids may love these toys so much that you may have to set up a water play table inside to accommodate them!

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Seize the reins with remote control animals

Kids love to pretend that their toy animals are real. They also love the idea that the animals can be tamed, and perhaps become their protectors or best friends. Dozens of blockbuster movies and best-selling books attest that taming, befriending and controlling animals is one of our most popular fantasies. Remote control animals give us many of the same powers over animals that great storytellers have given their heroes.

Real sharks can be scary in their own element, but remote control sharks do our bidding. With the power of remote control, we can not only tame animals as ferocious as sharks, but also make them do what is otherwise impossible. With a flick of the wrist, sharks can fly. It's just as easy as directing remote control boats to turn left or right. Press a button, and your remote control dog will sing and dance until you are satisfied, simply because you wanted him to entertain you. Flip a switch, and a crowd-pleasing clown fish will fly around and flip his tail back and forth.

Although toys like remote control animals have special powers, they don't completely replace conventional playthings, such as toy buses. Electronic trucks and computerized pets have incredible appeal, but even tech-savvy kids choose to play with toys they can just wrap their hands around and push through the kitchen or down the driveway. Naturally, Sears has a great selection of conventional as well as electronic toys. Traditional toy vehicles and animals help children develop their hand-eye coordination, and give the kids some great exercise, too. Classic toy buses and trucks may never disappear, even if they need to share the road with remote control cars and animals that morph into robots or rockets.

Kids like to create alternate, miniature worlds and set up complete fantasy playsets. They don't fret over details, such as whether the hamster really belongs on the farm, or if the construction vehicles should be the same size as the remote control dog. The play, as Shakespeare says, is the thing. If the kids have a blast by pushing backhoes and buses around a barnyard filled with remote control elephants and dinosaurs, the fantasy has done its job well. Remote control animals can be perfectly at home anywhere our imagination takes them.

Remote control animals and other types of toys may have different powers, but each one can deliver hours of fun for any child. Whether you are on the hunt for big animals or small, Sears carries an extensive menagerie of remote control animals in all shapes and colors. Trust Sears to bring your child's playtime fantasies to life.


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