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Farming & Construction Vehicles

When you buy your kids a sizable collection of construction vehicles from Sears, you enable the youngsters' imagination to go into overdrive. As your backyard takes on the look of a construction site, enjoy the fact that the kids are spending less time in front of the computer screen. What's more fun than digging in the dirt? Keep your kids interested in playing outside with remote control aircraft toys. They can use the construction vehicles to create hangars and runways. When you start them on this wholesome hobby, who knows where their imagination will take them?

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Encourage Imaginative Play With Construction Vehicles

Make believe games not only provide your child with hours of fun, they also aid in the development of important language and social skills. That's why child psychologists have long been aware that pretend play is an integral part of childhood. Because children love to pretend to do adult jobs, we offer an incredible selection of toy construction vehicles at Sears. We have plenty of trucks, tractors and bulldozers to give your little one hours of imaginative play. You can find big plastic trucks with no small parts for toddlers as well as intricate toy model trains that older children appreciate.

Kids are naturally drawn to farm vehicles and trucks as they hear the loud engines roaring down the road. Our realistic figures will allow your child to act out construction scenes and explore career interests to his hearts content. Let your child's hands and eyes explore the detailed, model-like designs of Kettler and Bruder construction vehicles. These cement mixers and backhoes have enough moving parts to keep him fascinated for hours and the durable craftsmanship to ensure they will hold up after some rough outdoor play. To keep your future fireman or helicopter pilot engaged, we also offer a huge selection of remote control rescue vehicles.

With so many television channels and computer games available today, kids often spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting in front of a screen. Promote exercise and good health by allowing your child to explore active careers with toy construction vehicles. Get her outside and digging in the dirt with a Cat tractor or help her to build fencing for toy cows with one of our John Deere playsets. Even a kid who is insisting on indoor activities will find it hard to resist one of our remote control playsets that offer hours of entertainment for children and adults alike.

When given an assortment of construction vehicles and figures, you will be surprised and delighted by what your child will come up with. Let his imaginative stories unfold with one of our creative playsets from Melissa & Doug or Little People. Crafted of durable materials, these are toys your child can collect, save and pass on to younger siblings for years of enjoyment. Explore our collection of toy space vehicles to really let your child's imagination take flight.

Construction vehicles are the kind of toys that won't wear out their welcome in a day. Enhance your child's pretend play and feed a growing imagination by stocking the playroom with an assortment of realistic toy models. Sears' selection of construction vehicles will give your child hours of outdoor and active fun with parents, friends or just by themselves. Whether your child dreams of being a farmer, a construction worker or driving a big cement mixer, make his day with one of Sears' toy construction vehicles or playsets.


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