Walk-behind leaf blowers: When you need the power

Perhaps you've found a way to acquire that dream home you always wanted; a wonderful log cabin, back in the woods, far from the reaches of human interaction.  Your lawn is pristine, your trees are magnificent, the landscaping is breathtaking. Until, one by one, the leaves begin to fall, the grass begins to clump, or the snow begins to fly.

An electric leaf blower can't handle a job of this magnitude.  Even a handheld gasoline leaf blower isn't tough enough to take care of that much debris.  The only thing that will make it happen is a walk-behind leaf blower.  A walk-behind provides power, control through swivel wheel steering, directional blowing and all the accessories necessary to quickly handle that Saturday leaf-gathering chore.

Price equals power

A walk-behind blower can be pricey, but it is powerful.  Spending the extra money can be worth it, because it will save you tons of time clearing rugged, large yards.  With well over ten horsepower firing through these units, walk-behinds can range in price from a few hundred dollars to more than two thousand.  4-cycle walk-behind blowers can deliver air speeds of around 150 miles per hour, enough to blow away the biggest, baddest leaves.

Solid steering

These wheel-mounted beauties have developed great innovations, including swivel-wheel steering. Much like a lawn mower, this steering system gives perfect support for the unit over uneven or divot-plagued ground, providing a measure of safety for the user.  For most models, steering is limited to just the front wheels, leaving the back for pushing the unit itself.

Directional blowers

In a previous generation of walk behinds, blowers were one-directional, which worked well for the walkway.  Most of the current blowers come equipped with directional blowers very similar to the directional controls of a snow blower. Direction controls are usually mounted on the handle, giving you immediate control without the need to stop and make a manual adjustment.

Since we're talking power

Walk-behind leaf blowers can, of course, be very powerful.  With the amount of debris and material these guys can throw around, special care should be taken.  When operating this and other high-powered machinery, we recommend that you use quality eyewear, such as goggles or safety glasses.

With the higher levels of sound a walk-behind can produce, sound-reducing earphones or plugs should be considered as well.  Lengthy exposure to loud sounds can, naturally, be damaging to your hearing.  Protective gloves would be a good addition to your working wardrobe.

As always, make sure no children, animals, mothers-in-law or even least-liked neighbor is nearby when operating a walk-behind.

When the leaves start falling on your new dream property, don't fret. Consult the online walk-behind leaf blower reviews, and then just fall in behind a gleaming new walk-behind leaf blower to make the job a snap.

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