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      Cleaning those piles and piles of dirty laundry is a snap with a washer and dryer set. Sears carries a wide range of washers and dryers that will fit your space perfectly. Whether you prefer front or top loading units, you can find the right match for your household. Washer dryer bundles are a perfect way to get two appliances at a savings. With models from all the top brands, you'll be confident that your laundry room can handle all your cleaning needs for years to come. Get these bundles and all your other appliances to help your home work more efficiently.

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      Washer and dryer bundles will improve your laundry experience

      Whether you're moving into a new home or looking to upgrade your appliances, a new washer and dryer bundle can help your laundry room work even better. The latest high-efficiency models can help you save money on energy and other utility costs. When your hamper is full, having a laundry set will help you knock out your chores in no time. Get the washer dryer bundle that will make your weekly tasks a snap.

      This selection of front-load washer sets will let you pick out the perfect match for your home. Available in both side-by-side and stackable formats, these laundry sets will let customize your cleaning space to the amount of room you have for your appliances. Stacking the units will let you take advantage of the vertical space in your home so you can free up some floor space. These customizable laundry centers can also be unstacked if you want to change up your laundry room.

      You'll be able to get the perfect washer dryer bundle for your home when you choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and models. Washer and dryer sets will help you modernize your laundry experience. Sears has high-efficiency washer and dryer bundles that will help you tackle all those piles of dirty clothes quickly.


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