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      Faucet Mounts

      Faucet mounts from Sears use the latest technology to bring clean, filtered water to your sink. Models such as the Everpure of faucet mounts can provide cold and almost boiling water in an instant from one spout. Some are compatible with other hot water and chilled water systems. What if you just want hot water for a nightly cup of tea? Look to the InSinkErator hot water faucet mount. Other faucet mounts are available from Waste King, Watts, Mountain Plumbing and Brita.

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      Flip the Switch for Clean Water from Faucet Mounts

      Faucet-mounted water purifiers deliver clean water on demand. You can turn filtration off for washing hands and dishes and turn it on to get water for drinking or cooking. Filter lifespan is based on how many gallons they filter, so using it only when needed allows the filter to last longer. Faucet mounts are available with single-stage filtration that removes sediment and heavy minerals. Multistage units add charcoal filtration to remove very small particles and chemicals like chlorine from the water. Reverse osmosis systems are ideal for removing lead, arsenic and other pollutants. A water-testing kit from Sears will identify the impurities in your water, so you'll know which filtration system will adequately purify it. Faucet mounts are available in colors to match your appliances including black, white and chrome. All of them require replacement filters, and you can pick up the filters you need right here.

      Water with impurities is often hard. If you use a softener, we have the water softener accessories it needs to maintain peak performance. Salt from Morton and North American Salt is available in 40 lb. and 80 lb. bags. Buying a pallet full of bags is a way to reduce the per-bag cost of the salt you need. Water softener cleaner removes dirt from the brine tank, reducing odors and improving the performance of the salt. We also carry water softener filters for those units that filter water during the process.

      A new water softener will reduce hardness, improve the performance of household detergents and make the water more comfortable on your skin. Water softeners from Kenmore are made in levels of efficiency. The more efficient the unit is, the less water, electricity and salt it uses during recharging. Lower costs for utilities and salt will offset the higher cost of more efficient water softeners. Kenmore Hybrid softeners contain a permanent charcoal filter that removes sediment and chemicals. They serve as whole-house filters for all the water entering your home. The filter is flushed during recharging, so it doesnt need to be replaced.

      Most under sink water coolers provide several stages of filtration to remove sediment, small particles and chemicals. They come with their own tap that can be easily installed in most sinks with just a few common tools. We have replacement filters and filter kits for all the models we sell. Some are sold in packs of 2-6 filters or kits to reduce the per-unit price.

      If your water needs purifying or softening, Sears has the right products for the job. Our selection and prices are excellent. Choose Sears for water treatment appliances and the accessories that keep your water healthy and soft.


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