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      Hose Reels & Holders

      To keep your garden hoses from becoming tangled, you need a hose reel. Hideaway hose reels are just one option. These are attractive boxes akin to a planter, but have a hollow space to stow the hose and a lid. You can wind the hose back up in no time and keep it tangle-free. A garden hose holder also helps keep the kinks out of a hose. Kinks can damage garden hoses, by causing tears in the material. Any type of hose reel, whether a cart, hideaway or wall mounted model, will help keep a hose safely out of the way. When you're looking for a convenient and attractive way to store a garden hose, turn to Sears and check out hose hanger solutions.

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      Portable, functional hose reels help keep your garden hoses kink-free

      If you constantly find yourself untangling your garden hose, it's time to consider a better way to store it. Not only is it time-consuming and frustrating to untangle a hose, but it can damage the hose as well. Sears provides you with many options when it comes to storing your garden hose. Whether you want your hose reel wall mounted or in a hideaway box, you can mix both fashionable outdoor decor features and functional organization.

      To keep hoses off of the ground and discreetly stowed, attach a wall mount hose reel to the side of your home or use a hideaway box with a reel to keep your hose neatly stored away. Hose hangers easily create a spot to wrap a hose around a water spout. If you have a large yard that needs watering, place your hose on a hose reel cart. Carts offer you the mobility you need to reach the end of your property with ease instead of hoping your hose nozzle can reach that last bit of grass.

      Whether you need hose reels or yard sprinklers to water your lawn and garden, turn to Sears. You can also find all the lawn and garden equipment and tools you need, including garden carts. You take pride in your home and property, so find the right supplies to help you take care of it.


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