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To have the best lawn and garden, you need to make sure you water your grass and plants the right amount. So keep track of the rainfall at your house with a rain gauge from Sears. We have professional long-term water and snow gauges. And you'll find gauges made out of a number of materials in a variety of materials: brass, copper, ceramic, resin. You can even find cute options such as squirrels, birds, turtles and pineapples, a symbol of hospitality. So welcome guests at the same time you measure rainfall with a pineapple-adorned gauge. We have a number of outdoor thermometers, including wireless indoor/outdoor models. Everything revolves around the weather, so Sears offers a variety of tools to help you keep track of it.

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Beautify your garden and keep track of moisture levels with rain gauges for any yard

When it comes to watering your lawn and garden, there isn't a whole lot of science involved. However, monitoring the precipitation in your garden can help you determine exactly how much time you need to be running that sprinkler every week. While fancy weather stations do the work for you, simple rain gauges will give you the measurements you need without a lot of hassle. A variety of rain gauges are available from beautiful decorative styles to digital models that wirelessly transmit readings right into your living room.

You might be familiar with the traditional rain gauge: a little tube with markings on the side that indicate exactly how much precipitation has fallen. While you probably don't want to know the exact measurements when you are hauling out the ice melt and snow removal equipment, it can be handy if you have thirsty plants in the garden that need moisture in the summer. A basic tube rain gauge collects precipitation wherever it is placed, so you will want it in an open area that is directly exposed to the sky. It helps to have a gauge that sticks to a flat surface or stakes into the ground, so it won't be knocked over by strong winds. Once it has rained, you can take a look at the hash marks on the side of the tube to get a reading for the total recent precipitation.

Digital models are very similar to analog models; they collect the rainfall and then give you a reading. If you have a hard time with all of those lines on the side of the glass, or you don't want to venture out into the weather, then a digital model is probably right up your alley. While some digital rain gauges require you to monitor your readout at the gauge's location, most will wirelessly transmit the results to a receiver that can rest comfortably in your living room. Rain gauges that are part of a weather station will transmit the precipitation numbers along with detailed information about temperature, barometric pressure and wind speeds.

If you are concerned about the aesthetic of your garden, you have no need to worry that your rain gauge will be unsightly. In fact, some rain gauges are so lovely they could be considered works of art. You can purchase rain gauges made from brightly colored glass in a variety of styles and designs. Other rain gauges are woven into the design of garden statuary and decorations. Still others hide discreetly behind garden signs and figurines, hidden from the view of the casual observer. Whether you need a plain and simple stake rain gauge or a complete weather station, Sears can point you in the right direction to find a gauge that will fit your needs and budget. Stop by to check out a selection of digital and analog rain gauges that will work in any garden.


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