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      Outdoor thermometers are both stylish and functional

      Whether you're looking for a decorative outdoor thermometer to jazz up your yard or one that subtly blends in, Sears has a variety of thermometers to fit your style needs. Outdoor thermometers are the perfect way to get a temperature reading without relying on weather websites and phone apps that might not always have the latest local temperature. Being able to look out your window or step out into your yard for an accurate temperature is far more reliable. When you have your own thermometer, you never have to guess when getting dressed in the morning, or when deciding whether you should leave the dog outside while you're at work.

      When choosing a type of thermometer for your garden or other outdoor living space, consider its function. Digital thermometers may not be as stylish as typical thermometers, but the high-tech devices offer precise digital readings. A digital thermometer usually involves installing a sensor in an exterior location, which uses wireless technology to communicate the temperature back to a display unit. That unit can be just about anywhere you want to put it. Some more complex devices include technology that can predict weather forecasts.

      However, if you're looking for a thermometer with style, color or to go along with a theme, traditional thermometers can also measure the temperature with accuracy. Our thermometers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. If you're an animal lover, consider our home frog window thermometer, or one with dogs, deer or birds on it. We also carry thermometers with novelty themes, such as Betty Boop, Disney and John Deer. Perhaps you want something more antique looking to go in your garden, such as an aluminum outdoor thermometer clock with a bronze finish, or a metal thermometer with a sculpted bird on it. We also have sports team thermometers, as well many made out of various materials, such as copper, glass or wicker.

      Some of our thermometers are both indoor and outdoor thermometers, so you can know the temperature both inside and outside, or move them back and forth, depending on where you'd like to use it. We offer thermometers that have hygrometers on them, which is a device used to measure humidity. These dual-purpose thermometers are convenient and can help you make an informed decision about choosing the day's activities or clothing to wear. A rain gauge can also be a helpful weather tool, but it can also help you determine how often you should be watering your yard or garden. Complete your weather equipment collection by purchasing a salt spreader for those days when black ice might plague your driveway, or snow removal equipment that will allow you to quickly remove snow from your driveway without hassle.


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