Weight machines and other strength training devices perfect for home gyms

When you go to the gym, you might think that all weight machines are created equal. After all, they all help you lift weight and build up muscles. However, different types of machines will give you a different workout. Depending on your history and level of fitness, you may want to switch up the type of weight machine you are using in order to reduce the risk of injury or increase your strength abilities.

Commonly called a "Nautilus" machine, a stacked weight machine is the most common type of machine used in home gyms. The machine consists of a series of weight sets attached to bars or push/pull devices through a system of levers, cables or both. Stack machines are a good home gym option because they are relatively safe, easy to use and easy to maintain. As long as you regularly inspect your cables and levers, you shouldn?t have any problems with the machine. The stacked weights are adjustable by removing and replacing pins or levers in order to set the correct weight for your particular lift. Most stack weight machines have at least one bench bar and one pull down bar, and some have other devices for leg presses and lower body work as well.

Plate machines

Plate machines are commonly called "self-spotting" machines. These are machines with plates similar to what you would use on a barbell or bench bar. The difference is that the bar runs up and down along a track so that if you drop it, it will take a controlled fall. This is a great choice for your home gym if you like the feeling of free weights, but want to make sure you are safe without a spotter. You will still want to supplement your workout with free weights or dumb bells, since the rigid movement of the bar won't allow you to work stabilizer muscles.

Resistance machines

For people who are nervous about weights of any kind, there are a variety of resistance machines that give you strength training without adding a lot of weight onto your floorboards. Most recognizable is the Bowflex, a resistance training machine that relies on a system of polymer rods to deliver strength training. Commercial gyms tend to favor hydraulic training machines, which create resistance by pushing oil through a cylinder. Hydraulic weight machines are strongly favored for beginners, rehabilitation and anyone with chronic injury issues because the controlled movement of a hydraulic device reduces the risk of injury. Hydraulic machines do require more routine maintenance than other weight-lifting machines, but they are a great tool to help you work on form and keep your workouts injury-free.

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