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      Get working with MIG welders from Sears

      Also known as wire-fed welders or gas metal arc welders, MIG welders are designed to join metals of light to medium thickness. They use a nonreactive gas to prevent oxygen and other contaminants from affecting the welding process. Whether you need to repair a damaged vehicle axle or sculpt a metal art piece, MIG welders can create fast, durable results with minimal waste. Sears carries versatile welding tools from Craftsman and other top manufacturers to help you handle any type of task easily.

      Before you buy a welder, decide whether the metal/inert-gas, or MIG, process will work for your project. MIG welders are clean, affordable and easy to use, and if you are a beginner, you are usually better off using MIG welders than relatively expensive TIG welders. On the other hand, TIG creates cleaner, more precise welds. Many professional welders keep MIG and TIG devices on hand to handle different types of tasks.

      You may also need to grab a few welding accessories before you start working. Be sure to pick up safety gear to protect your eyes and skin. We carry flame-resistant bibs, jumpsuits and jackets to give you peace of mind while you're working with heavy-duty equipment. Welding helmets and goggles are must-have items, and our eye protection products strike a perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

      If you choose a larger welder, you can pick up an MIG cart to add some mobility to your setup. MIG carts can safely hold heavy wire-fed welders, and we have specially built carts with accessory holders and other handy features to keep your project on task. Sears also carries torch tips for various types of welding torches. By building up a decent-sized collection of torch tips, you can create controlled, clean welds. Be sure to clean your welding tips after each use for consistent results.

      Welding wire is another must-have accessory. MIG welders can use several different types of wire, all of which are inexpensive, and you can stock up on different types of wire if you are planning on working with a variety of metals. Check out flux core wire if you need to make oxygen-resistant weld. Flux core is particularly useful for repairing automotive parts but also for other high-speed applications. We list the tensile ratings of our welding products to help you create long-lasting welds that will meet the needs of your project.

      Whether you regularly weld metals or you are simply looking for a new hobby, Sears offers a large selection of MIG welders and accessories that you can browse. Shop today to view full-featured welders from your favorite brands.


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