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      TIG Welders

      TIG welders are great for jobs in which you do not want to distort the metal objects you are connecting. Like MIG welders, these devices melt a wire electrode to form a bond between metal pieces. Sears carries a great selection of TIG welders that will make great additions to your home or shop. With a TIG welder, you can take on all sorts of projects including home improvement, auto repair and construction fabrication. Sears offers the leading brands of TIG welders including Longevity, Pro TIG and Anchor Brand that will enable you to weld like the pros.

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      Create high quality welds with our TIG welders

      TIG welders use tungsten inert gas to create stronger bonds than what is possible with typical arc welders. The process uses a non-consumed electrode and shielding gas to melt a bonding filler metal. Sears has an extensive selection of TIG welders useful for fabrication and repair projects. You can use these devices for DIY, auto repair and similar types of work.

      Hobart's 500551 EZ TIG 165i 230-Volt Inverter-Based AC/DC Welder is an exceptional product that produces high quality, durable welds. You can join 3/16" steel for business, hobbyist or home improvement projects. The device's duty cycle at 150 Amps is 20 percent. The product package includes a 12 1/2-ft. electrode cable, 12-ft. clamp cable and gas hose.

      The Longevity Tigweld 200D 200-Amp Tig/Stick Welder is a dual-voltage system that combines the advantages of TIG and stick welders. Capable of welding at 110 volts and 220 volts, this 200 Amp DC device is professional quality. The Longevity Tigweld 160sx 160-Amp AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Digital Display is a lower-powered option that you can use with a 5000-watt generator for work in remote areas. The unit is compact and lightweight for high portability.

      If you are looking for a more affordable TIG welder, check out the Pitbull Torch TIG160R. Rated for 20 percent duty, this device has a range of five to 60 Amps. Input capacity is 6.6kw. Accessories included are TIG torch, arc torch and earth clamp. The Torch TIG160R utilizes H useable electrodes. Another option is a welder-generator combo for use in areas where electrical power is unavailable, or incompatible with your tools and equipment. A gasoline or other fuel-powered engine can provide power for both the welder and other devices. Many products have multiple receptacles that allow you to run several tools simultaneously.

      Sears has a great selection of TIG welders that includes trusted brands like WeldCraft, Anchor Brand and Hobart. For help in finding or deciding upon an item, click on the blue-highlighted link "Need Help Now?" near the top of each product page. An expert from our Blue Tool Crew is available to help analyze your needs and suggest matching products. Additionally, we routinely have other deals available, including free shipping and interest-free payment programs. You can view only discounted items on each page by using the filtering tool available in the left sidebar.

      Members of Shop Your MAX are eligible for free two-day shipping on select items. By joining this free club, you will also collect points with each purchase that are redeemable for awards. Click on the link in the upper menu bar to join without obligation. Shop Sears today to find quality TIG welders that will make perfect additions for your shop or home.


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