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      A high-quality torch provides clean, efficient heat when you need it. Sears carries dozens of options to give you the flexibility that you need for detailed metalwork and sculpting applications. Our torches work especially well when paired with MIG and TIG arc welders from brands like Craftsman and Clarke, and whether you opt for an extension welding nozzle or a standalone butane torch, you'll instantly improve your ability to safely cut, heat and weld.

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      Choose the right welding torches for your jobs

      There is a lot more to welding torches than meets the eye. In simplest terms, you are looking to buy a tool that relies on high-temperature combustion to create a flame so hot that it will briefly soften two metals so that you can attach the surfaces. This type of tool comes in handy when you are building metal fencing components. Fuel sources include butane and acetylene. Some welding torches also run on propane. Choose a torch with your favorite type of fuel in mind.

      A heavy-duty butane-powered welding torch comes in handy when you are fixing your home's plumbing or doing some modifications on your car. This kind of all-around tool lets you perform a wide variety of welding tasks on just one tank of fuel. It is not uncommon to get 200 minutes of uninterrupted welding time out of one tank of butane. Combine your torch with the right kinds of welding nozzles for best results and a clean appearance of the melded surfaces.

      Whereas welding torches let you combine two metals, plasma cutters assist you in cleanly separating them. These cutters perform high-precision cuts with little more than an electrical arc. Grinding and filing of the resulting edges are optional when using this equipment. Get more use out of your cutter with a fully-stocked Sears accessory kit. Nozzles make swirl cuts and pointed shapes a snap. This feature endears plasma cutters to some industrial artists.

      Not quite at the same level as welding torches and plasma cutters, soldering tools allow for more finely tuned cutting and fusing. Look for manufacturer names like Craftsman and Cooper Tools to bring you the type of soldering power you need for your high-precision work. You would use soldering equipment when working with electronics and attaching small wires to appropriate places on motherboards and other devices. If you are an artist, you might consider experimenting with this medium for three-dimensional artwork.

      As an avid do-it-yourselfer, apply the power of welding and cutting to the setup of your home's perimeter fencing. If you are working with metal fence panels and posts, cut or fuse them to create just the right size for uneven landscapes and oddly shaped property lines. Of course, Sears carries plenty of other fencing products that do not involve any metal at all. Attractive vinyl fencing is perfect for virtually any landscape, and it cuts easily with the types of tools you already have in your tool chest. Landscape fencing is a great option for the areas in your backyard where you desire privacy or simply want to create a border between elements like flowerbeds and lawns.

      Sears is your one-stop shop for a large inventory of welding torches, plasma cutters, soldering tools and fencing products. Invest in high-quality welding and cutting equipment for years of failure-free service. Pick soldering equipment that is functional but also appeals to your artistic side. Choose your fencing with current and future projects in mind.


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