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      Wet Dry Vac Replacement Parts

      Your wet dry vac is going to be cleaning up some heavy duty messes and some rough materials. These types of cleaning jobs are going to take their toll on your vacuum's various parts. Whether you need wand extensions, fine dust filters or want to replace a frayed cord, Sears has the parts you need to keep your vac cleaning at full capacity. Your wet-dry vac is a large investment and instead of going and buying an entirely new one, it is much easier and less expensive to replace a few worn out parts.

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      Get the wet dry vacuum replacement parts to keep on cleaning

      With continued use over time, there are going to be a few parts on your wet dry vacuum that can eventually wear down and stop running their best. Three of the parts that will take quite a few knocks are the wand, the AC power cord and the drain cap. You should keep a few extras of each on hand so you don't have to make a mad dash to the hardware store when you're in the middle of a hectic cleanup.

      The wand and wand extensions are what will be doing the dirty work for your wet dry vac. It's the part of your vacuum that will be moving around your workshop floor, car and many other places, having both water and debris pulled through it at high velocities. A wand extension will also help to take some of the strain off of your wet dry vac hose since you won't have to pull on it so much to get it closer to major spills and messes.

      After years of continued use, you're bound to wear out the power cord running from the vacuum to the wall. A frayed power cord is a safety hazard and is something that should be fixed immediately before you continue using your vacuum, especially since you'll more than likely be using your wet dry vac in wet environments. Sears has replacement AC power cords that can help you fix this problem in a matter of minutes.

      Whether you've just lost the small part, broken it from over-tightening or it has simply lost its seal, the drain cap is an extra part you'll want to keep on hand. The drain cap is what will ensure all of the water and other liquids you're vacuuming up stay in the container. With a broken drain cap, you'll just be moving the mess from one spot to a different one. Just like with a leaky pipe fitting, a loose drain cap that doesn't seal correctly is something that can't be ignored.

      A broken wet dry vac can be extremely frustrating, but with a few replacement parts you can have any problem fixed in no time. Sears has all of the parts you need to ensure you can repair your wet dry vacuum and get back to cleaning. Stock up on your wet dry vac replacement parts so you're ready in a pinch.


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