What Kind of Men's Swimsuit to Buy

When the sun heats up and the days get longer, you know swimming season is really here. It's time to dust off those swimming goggles and head to the beach, pool or swimming hole, but why not upgrade your swimwear for a new summer season? Leave those holey, fraying old trunks behind and spring for a new men's swimsuit. Men's swimwear is not just for the water; it can also be a versatile short for all kinds of outdoor gatherings. Pair a sharp-looking pair of trunks with a casual buttoned shirt for a no-brainer summer outfit that can take you from pool to campsite to backyard barbecue. As an added bonus, you won't have to fear poolside ambushes, water balloon attacks and garden hose "accidents" from mischievous friends.  Cut a fine figure in a new pair of men's board pants, swim trunks or Speedos and you'll draw the best kind of attention at your next outdoor gathering.

Whether your summer plans include lounging by the backyard pool, playing with pool toys with your kids or doing 100-meter competition laps, you'll want the right kind of swimwear for the job. Retailers like Sears offer many different types of men's swimsuits from many different makers, so narrowing down your options may be a bit confusing at first. By following a few simple guidelines and figuring out what you want you want to use it for, picking out a new pair of trunks is a cinch.

Types of Casual Swimsuits

If you're looking for a swimsuit for casual swimming, your choice will basically come down between swimming trunks and board shorts. Swimming trunks are the standard choice for men's swimwear. They consist of a quick-drying outer polyester shell with a nylon mesh sewn in for the comfort of the wearer. The legs typically reach to the middle of the wearer's thigh, allowing relative freedom of movement both in and out of the water. The waistband is elastic, and usually fastens with a cord, making swimming trunks a comfortable choice for times when you need to change clothes quickly, or in cramped conditions.

Boardshorts are the longer, heavier cousins of swimming trunks. Originally developed for surfers, this style is becoming more and more popular among guys of all ages. Rather than an elastic waistband, boardshorts have a taut waistband that closes with a button fly in addition to a knotted cord. This provides an added level of security that even non-surfers can appreciate; you won't leave your boardshorts behind when you're executing a dramatic dive, for example.  The leg generally falls to the knees, making these a good choice for guys who sunburn easily or just want more coverage.

Swimsuits for Competition

Guys who train for swimming competitions need a different breed of swimsuit that the casual pool-goer. You don't want your suit slowing you down during the big race, after all. The most common and versatile competition men's swimsuit is the swim brief. These small, triangle-cut suits are popularly referred to as Speedos, and knowing when to wear swim briefs and Speedos can make all the difference in competition and training because they offer maximum ease of movement in the water.

For more coverage, many guys prefer the mid-thigh length of jammers. These swimsuits cling tightly to the waist and upper legs, creating a seamless surface that reduces drag and helps you glide through the water. Similar in looks and function to compression shorts used in cycling, jammers enhance performance by keeping the thigh muscles warm in the water, while providing injury-reducing  support to the groin area.

No matter how you plan to spend the prime swimming months of the year, Sears has you covered with both men's and women's swimsuits, goggles, fins, and swim caps of all types and sizes. From casual swim trunks to the warmest thermal swimsuits, you'll find what you need to get swimming today.

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