What to look for when buying watches for men as a gift

Men's watches are a popular gift item, perhaps because they are so useful. Men like to know what time it is, and they also like to have a snazzy accessory that doesn't look too girly. Since a watch is where your man will most likely display his sense of personal style, you will want something that fits his needs, interests and personal aesthetic.

Men like to tinker, and they really like to have nifty little gizmos. If your watch can do something more than simply tell time, you are on the right track. Some men's watches will make popular sounds from their favorite TV show, while others double as survival tools. When selecting a watch with gadgets or surprises, make sure you know your man's interests. If he is an avid outdoorsman and backpacker, then a watch strung on 9 feet of survival cord is going to be a good fit. If he prefers to sit at home with a martini, then survival cord won't be much good.

Traditional style is always a winner

Wrist watches for men commonly feature thicker band and extra features like multiple chronographs and settings. Especially in designer watches, you will notice that the more dials, the more intriguing the watch is to your man. While many digital watches for men offer similar features, your man may appreciate the many dials of an analog watch for its simple and vintage aesthetic. Additionally, hand-crafted details like etched dials and handmade movements are appealing to the man who wants to feel a connection to the past. Your man may be fascinated with the idea that his watch is crafted by the great grandson of a traditional watchmaker. For those who want a truly unique and vintage style, the pocket watch is a beloved favorite. Every man needs at least one to wear with his finest suit. Many pocket watches also include visible movements, which are a treat to view while the watch is ticking. Whether he wants to look like a classic Bond character or simply loves that he knows today's lunar phase, your man knows that a timeless style is always an excellent choice.

Double check for durability and usability

Many men lead pretty active lifestyles, which can give a watch a good beating. If you know your man is going to wear his watch anywhere and everywhere, then look for a men's watch that can take a beating. You don't have to find something particularly rugged, but it should be able to match his style whether he is wearing dress shoes or work boots. If your man is an avid hobbyist, you may be able to find a watch suited to his specific hobby. Dive companies make special watches for avid scuba divers that help them track times at different depths. Outdoor companies make survival watches with components that can keep you alive in an emergency. Racing enthusiasts enjoy watches that help them track laps.

Whatever your man's interests, you are sure to find the perfect watch for him at Sears. Surrounded by a wide variety of styles and choices, you will find a great gift for your man in no time!

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