Why clamps are an essential item for any man’s workshop

Clamps are a universal tool that can be used for just about anything, whether you are woodworking or just tinkering with your car. You might balk at paying good money for an item that doesn't cut, saw or do something with lots of power. However, a good set of clamps is just as essential as a standard hammer, screwdriver or wrench in your workroom.

Uses for clamps

When you think of clamps, woodworking is probably the first hobby that comes to your mind. Woodworkers use clamps almost every step of the way. The most common use for clamps is to hold stuff together. Clamps are helpful when you are gluing items together and want to hold your project in position until the glue sets. A lot of handyman websites will suggest you save money by using books or bricks or other heavy objects to hold your project down, but this is not a great idea. Clamps secure your project and keep everything in place; books and bricks are not secured, and can fall off, causing damage to your project or injury to you. Clamps are worth the extra money because they save you time and get the job done right.

Woodworking clamps are also good for shaping wood. Suppose you have to bend a strip into an arch. You could secure it around the bend with glue and screws, or you could let clamps help you work the wood until it bends on its own. If you want a smooth and beautiful finished product, it is well worth the time investment to work the wood without drilling holes into it. Remember, you have more than just the standard c-clamp or bar clamp to work with; look for a clamp that is specifically suited to your type of task.

Clamps can also operate as a second pair of hands in your workshop when you need to hold projects in place. A clamp is good for holding a project together as you secure the pieces. Clamps are also good for helping you add a little power as you are trying to secure an item before drilling, stapling or gluing.  Unless you have a lot of people who share your workshop with you, clamps can be an invaluable tool to assist you when you just need a little more strength or steadiness.

Let Sears help you find clamps for all your needs. Whether you need a few c-clamps or a whole set of specialty clamps, you are sure to find something that will work perfect in your workshop.

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