Why you need a waterproof watch

Most people are obsessed with the awesome features of their watches. Lap timers, survival cord wristbands and lunar calendars lure buyers in. But before you buy, make sure that your watch will hold up against its number one enemy: water. Watch repairmen know that water is a watch's biggest enemy, yet you probably don't consider water-resistance as a priority feature. If you are like most people, you will wear your watch everywhere, and that means, one day, it will get wet. Waterproof watches for women and men are a necessity if you are going to be out and about. You wouldn't skimp on waterproof outerwear; don't skimp on your number one accessory either.

Everyone eventually spends some time in the kitchen. While you might think you will remember to take off your watch before you do the dishes, it's not just the sink you need to avoid. Splashes of water from boiling pots can do as much or more damage than full immersion in soapy water. Likewise, any splash of food on your watch can dry up and require a full cleaning to remove. Unless you plan to remove your watch every time you enter the kitchen, it might just make more sense to buy a waterproof watch to combat the potential damage.

The outdoors

We all go outside at some point. Even if you love the inside of your house, you still have to go to the grocery store every once in a while. And that means you will someday encounter rain or snow. A few raindrops may not seem like much, but water can seep into your watch when you push buttons or turn dials, so all it takes is one drop. A waterproof watch will keep you protected from outdoor moisture from the smallest rainstorm to torrential downpours.

Your chosen profession

Most people don't think that their jobs are a great place to ruin a watch. If you have an active job like firefighting, it might seem obvious that you will need a fairly durable watch. However, people of nearly all professions could do with waterproof watches. Women and men alike encounter wet substances in many different areas, as many a teacher, doctor and store associate has learned the hard way. While the threat may not always be water directly, a splash of paint or blood will have to be washed off your watch at some point.

How to find a waterproof watch

Most watches will be advertised as water-resistant. If you can find a watch that is water-resistant to 100 meters, that will be as much waterproofing as you probably need for everyday activities. Men's or women's waterproof watches rated to this depth will be able to withstand the pressure of most splashes. However, if you are around water a lot, then you will want to have your watch checked regularly for any signs of water damage during routine maintenance.

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