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From shirts to coveralls, our line of flame resistant clothing meets strict safety regulations.

Start each work day with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected.

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When you're on the job, safety and comfort comes first. We offer an extended selection of

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Workwear from Sears

A tough job requires tough clothes, and we have you covered. At Sears, you'll find workwear and uniforms that are rugged enough to get you through the longest shifts, and comfortable enough to wear day after day. Whether your job takes you indoors or outside, you'll find the right workwear to keep you comfortable and safe on the job.

A good work outfit starts from the ground up, because a great pair of work boots can keep you on your feet through the roughest shifts. Pull on a pair of work boots from a trusted brand like Wolverine, Timberland Pro or Diehard, all found here at Sears. This is where you'll find the right pair of boots for any job you're called upon to do. For general purpose construction jobs, a pair of steel-toed Cat Footwear boots can handle day to day wear and tear. If you're working in high-voltage environments, you'll want work boots with electricity protection; the Adtec Composite Uniform Boot with its insulated rubber outsole is perfect for working on electrical wiring. If your job takes you into wet conditions, Rocky Ironclad work boots are ideal. Their sealed, waterproof construction makes them the perfect choice for sanitation workers, plumbers and marine engineers.

If you work for a living, you know that a good pair of coveralls is a must to protect you and your clothing from the hazards of the job. Sears carries sturdy and comfortable coveralls from trusted workwear brands to keep the scrapes off your skin and the stains off your clothes as you go about your work day. Whether you're spot-welding metal, loading rebar into a truck bed or fixing pipes in a cramped crawlspace, our coveralls are built to keep safe, dry and comfortable on the job. If your typical workday takes you from job site to job site, an all-purpose long-sleeve coverall can do it all. Built with heavy duty brass zippers, concealed anti-snag snaps and a breathable poly-cotton blend, Dickies coveralls can handle any job from sweeping floors to baling hay. For those working in high heat environments like foundries and glass furnaces, fire protection takes priority. Carharrt flame resistant twill coveralls keep sparks and flames away from your body, while I-swing construction and pleated elbows allow for maximum maneuverability.

Not everyone works outdoors on a job site. If your day to day work routine includes bussing tables, sitting behind a reception desk or standing in front of a hot stove, Sears has comfortable and professional hospitality workwear for you. Sensible and durable button-down dress shirts from Covington and Arrow are great for servers and restaurant hosts, while Edwards pleated pants fit in to just about any work environment. Hosting or bartending at a more formal venue? A Dockers vest can add a classy touch to your uniform for dress-up affairs.

No matter how you choose to make a living, there's no reason not to stay dress well and stay comfortable on the job. Whether you're laying brick, spreading tar, taking food orders or on call at the hospital, Sears has workwear and uniforms for every job at excellent prices.