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Crowfoot Wrenches & Sets

Your trusty crowfoot wrenches get you into the tight spots where the other tools are too big to fit. The confined spot behind the toilet, the tiny area next to the garbage disposal and that small space underneath the fridge are all prime examples of the types of spaces that make you glad to have a crowfoot in your toolbox. If you are an automotive do-it-yourselfer, working without crowfoot wrenches is virtually impossible. Buy them piecemeal or as part of larger wrench sets. Invest in multiple wrench sets of all types to ensure that you always have the right tool for the job.

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Loosen hard-to-reach nuts with crowfoot wrenches

You may not use crowfoot wrenches as often as combination wrenches, but when space is very tight, almost nothing else will do the job. Crowfoot wrenches come in standard and metric sizes to fit all common drive sizes. They have a slightly longer jaw to get a fuller grip on the nut or bolt. For this reason, they can also be used on flare wrench nuts. Craftsman makes several sets at different quality and price levels to give you buying options. Neiko, Wright Tool and GearWrench make professional-grade crowfoot wrenches. Sunex makes Jumbo crowfoot wrenches for oversize nuts. Most are sold in sets though individual wrenches are available too.

Our open stock wrenches consist of those not sold in sets. If you need an all-purpose wrench, an adjustable wrench is a good choice. We have them in various sizes with jaws up to 2 inches. Single combination wrenches can be found to replace the one you've lost. Both standard and ratcheting combo wrenches are available. If you do precision assembly, the open stock wrenches section offers beam-style, click-style and electronic torque wrenches in increasing levels of accuracy. Craftsman ratcheting clench wrenches, pipe wrenches and offset box wrenches are just a few of the additional types you'll find when browsing open stock wrenches.

Box wrenches give you the best grip on nuts and bolts. Craftsman box wrench sets feature reversible, 12-point wrenches with standard at one end and metric at the other. They can be purchased in both standard and ratcheting styles. Your options include utility-quality sets and wrenches designed for the professional from Craftsman, Armstrong and Stanley Proto. Specialty box wrench sets include offset wrenches, obstruction wrenches with curved handles and long-handled box wrench sets.

If you're looking for versatile wrenches to get started with, combination wrenches are a good choice. They feature a 12-point box wrench at one end and an open wrench on the other. Combination wrench sets are made in standard, metric or both. Ratcheting combination wrenches are useful for tight spots, and those with flexible heads are ideal when you need to work at an angle. Many combination wrenches come in sets along with a handy tray for a toolbox shelf or a mountable rack for the wall near your bench. Craftsman Pro, Sunex and Tekton make high-quality combination wrenches suitable for use in the professional shop.

We have competitive prices on the right wrenches for every job. Ordering is easy, and we'll promptly ship your tools or have them waiting for you at your local Sears store. Choose wrenches from Sears, and you'll see what a difference quality tools can make in your shop.



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