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      Save time in tight spots with ratcheting wrenches

      A ratcheting wrench is used to tighten or loosen bolts without having to remove the tool from the bolt or rotate the wrench 360 degrees. The tool is designed for use in places like an engine compartment where space for rotating the wrench is limited. You can flip a switch to reverse the action of the ratchet from tightening to loosening. Craftsman Full Polish ratcheting wrenches are finished with attractive and durable chrome. They are combination wrenches with an open-end wrench of the same size to give you an option. Cross Force reversible ratcheting wrenches feature the ratcheting head at an angle to give you a different approach and greater leverage. Additional sets of ratcheting wrenches from Craftsman Pro, GearWrench and other top brands feature offset heads, flexible heads and extended handles to suit your exact purposes.

      Assembly technicians know that torque wrenches are essential tools for getting torque just right. Beam-style torque wrenches with a needle and manual meter are the most affordable torque wrenches we carry. They're made by Craftsman and KD Tools. Other manual tools like the Neiko Pro-Grade automatic torque wrench and those from Schwaben use internal gauges to show torque. The most accurate torque wrenches are battery-operated electronic tools that are accurate to 4 percent or greater. The Craftsman Electronic, Precision Instruments Square and Armstrong Micrometer Flex Head are just a few of the many electronic torque wrenches we carry.

      Keeping your wrenches sorted and handy is easy with wrench organizers like affordable Craftsman wrench holders. The Universal wrench tray has a snap-down lid and works with combination wrenches from any brand. Blue and red wrench organizers from Mechanics Time Savers keep metric and standard wrenches separate and can be mounted to the wall. The Sort-a-Tool wrench tray is labeled for each size and can be placed in a tool chest or on the bench. We have wrench organizers for your tool belt too. They're nylon or leather pouches that keep your wrenches within easy reach at all times.

      Personalized tool sets help reduce theft of tools, but they're also great gift ideas. A newly minted mechanic will love a set of combination wrenches with the iconic Craftsman logo on one side and his or her name on the other. Personalized, chrome ratchet wrenches from Sunex or Stanley Proto would be a great way to say thank you to your mechanic or to recognize an employee who has reached a milestone. Hundreds of sets we carry can be turned into personalized tool sets by an engraver or someone with metal-stamping skills.

      When you put hardworking wrenches from Sears to work, you know you're getting quality and value. Our huge selection means you'll find the tools you want, and our low prices will invite you back for your next order too. Order the tools you need for yourself or to recognize the achievement of someone else, and we'll get them on the next truck headed your way.


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