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      Strap wrenches from Craftsman and Task Tools tackle tough jar lids in your home. In the shop, commercial-grade strap wrenches from Ridgid and Gedore are ideal for oil filters and threaded plastic pipes. They feature tough, adjustable straps that grip tight and large, comfortable handles for leverage. Box wrench sets from Craftsman Pro, GearWrench and other top brands offer tools that work with the help of 12 points of contact in every wrench head. Get the grip you need with high-performance wrenches from your favorite brands.

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      Open tough lids with ease with strap wrenches

      Strap wrenches are the perfect solution for hard-to-open lids. They feature large, comfortable handles that maximize your leverage. The adjustable, rubberized wrench fits around the lid and grips it tight as you begin to torque. In the garage, strap wrenches loosen the old oil filter and snug up the new one. A set of Craftsman strap wrenches features a large and small wrench to give you an option. These work-saving tools make wonderful gifts for older adults or anyone with arthritis.

      Most professionals start their collection with a set of combination wrenches in standard or metric sizes. You have hundreds of options to consider. If you want tools for occasional use, affordable sets from Craftsman or KD Tools will serve you very well. If you demand more from your tools, then Craftsman Pro, Stanley Proto or Sunex combination wrenches are built for professional workloads. Standard combo wrenches feature an open-end wrench and box wrench of the same size at opposite ends. For your second set of combination wrenches, Sears has ratcheting wrenches that speed up the job and those with flexible heads that allow you to get to nuts from odd angles. Ignition combination wrenches and elbow combination wrenches give you additional options for the work you do.

      We have hand tools for every project. Sledgehammers will help you tear out the wall for the addition, and claw hammers will help you frame in the new space. When installing the finish trim, miter saws will make accurate cuts and soft-face hammers will prevent damage to the surface of the shoe molding. For assembly and basic repairs, nut drivers are available in standard and metric drivers. We have singles and sets with all common drive sizes. Hex and Torx drivers work with those specialty fasteners. A collection of pliers will be handy for holding, twisting and snipping. These are just a few of the hand tools from Craftsman, Klein Tools and other top brands you'll find as you browse our huge selection.

      Personalized wrench sets are a great way to thank your mechanic or recognize someone in your shop. They work well as gifts for graduates of technical programs too. Open-end and combination wrenches from Craftsman Pro, GearWrench or Wright Tools can be engraved or stamped with names, initials or a word of thanks. Personalized wrench sets also reduce the risk of theft.

      You can depend on us to have tools you'll rely on at home and on the job. With so many high quality choices, we are sure to have the right tools for the projects you have in mind. Get work done more effectively or make somebody's day with tools from Sears.


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