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Exercise Balls

Interested in yoga or Pilates? Just looking to kick your exercise routine up a notch? You're sure to find an exercise ball that suits your needs at Sears. Sears carries balls in a variety of sizes, weights, and resistant levels to fit your personal workout--from med balls to balancing balls to balls specially made for yoga and Pilates, Sears has it all. You can even invest in a fitness ball chair, so being stuck at a desk will never prevent you from being in shape. Find the perfect ball for you.
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Reach for Fitness with Yoga and Pilates Balls from Sears

As people make the commitment to get healthier, yoga and Pilates are sweeping the nation. These systems combine stretching and breathing with low-impact strength training, so they're incredibly accessible, especially for older people and people who are recuperating from injuries. These regimens rely on using your own weight to increase and tone muscle mass, to increase flexibility, and to build stamina. If you want to get fit, check out yoga and Pilates equipment from Sears.

One of the great things about yoga and Pilates, when compared to more traditional systems of weight training, is that they require relatively little equipment. One of the things that you will need to optimize your workout and your results, however, is a yoga and Pilates ball, and Sears has a wide variety. Since different exercises and different programs have different foci, yoga and Pilates balls come in many sizes and weights.

If you're looking for a yoga and Pilates ball from an industry leader in exercise equipment, check out Sears' selection of balls from NordicTrack. They come in several different sizes and colors, and since some routines require more weight being placed on the ball and some require less, they also offer burst resistant balls and soft weight balls so that you can completely customize your workout.

Those of you who are just beginning your journey might need some instruction as to how to make the routines and techniques of yoga and Pilates best work for you. Those folks will want to check out the body balls from ALTUS Be Fit Look Fit that come with instructional DVDs to get anyone motivated. As your routines change, you might require different types of balls to fit your needs, and Sears has you covered there too. Check out the yoga and Pilates balls that are filled with sand, which is something that few other manufactures and merchants offer.

Yoga and Pilates have been booming in popularity in the last few decades, and anyone who has tried one of these systems can attest to why. There is nothing more important than your health, and the unique breathing aspects of yoga and Pilates provide a dimension that encourages a more holistic vision of health. Head to your local Sears, or shop Sears online, for all of your yoga and Pilates equipment needs.



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