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Escape the Heat Outdoors with a new Wall Air Conditioner from Sears

When the weather outside is hot and humid, you'll look forward to kicking back after a long day in front of a powerful wall air conditioner. Customize the temperature using the easy-to-read control panel. Set the fan to a lower power to circulate air through a smaller space, like a bedroom or home office, or crank it up to send cool air wafting throughout multiple rooms. A built-in timer function available on many models can regulate the cooling effect and fan power to save energy when you're away at work or after you've gone to sleep.

Unlike portable and window air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners from Sears create a permanent seal between the appliance and the surrounding wall, which can help contain cold air and prevent warm air from leaking in. Even if you already have a central air condition system, these powerful appliances can help to concentrate cold air in the most-used spaces throughout your home.

If you have a larger home, try strategically placing multiple wall AC units in various rooms and supplementing them with oscillating fans and your existing ceiling fans for more comprehensive cooling power. Take a break from the heat and humidity outside with a new wall air conditioner from Sears.