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Stay Cool and Comfortable this Summer with Powerful Window Air Conditioners from Sears

Take the edge off especially hot weather with a new window air conditioner. These versatile window AC units are specially designed to be easy to install and remove at the beginning and the end of the season. Even if you already have a dedicated central air conditioning unit, a window AC unit is ideal for supplementing your existing equipment for rooms that just don't get cool enough or for the most-used spaces in the house. Get ready to beat the heat with a powerful new window air conditioner from Sears.

Compact units are ideal for cooling off rooms you use frequently, like a home office, living room or kitchen. The lower BTU output can work wonders in a smaller space, while using less power than a central air unit or larger model, which can save you money on your utility bill over time. If you've got more ground to cover, upgrade to a larger model that is capable of producing upwards of 12,000 BTUs with a reach of over 500 square feet. Keep the cool air circulating by using your window AC unit in conjunction with strategically placed tower fans.

When your existing ceiling fans just won't cut it and the heat and humidity becomes too much to bear, cool off with some of the best window AC units available from Sears.