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Clean and Dry Dishes Efficiently with Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers offer added flexibility in your kitchen by offering two separate drawer compartments that you can use one at a time or both simultaneously. They allow you to precisely control wash settings for your dishes, flatware and other kitchenware.

If you're household is just you and a partner, you may need to wash only small loads of dishes regularly. With a drawer dishwasher from Sears, you can conveniently wash small daily loads in just one of the two drawers. Fill and run the top drawer without having to crouch or strain on your back. When company comes over, frequently run small loads to keep fresh cups and plates at the ready. If dirty dishes start to get out of hand, run loads in both drawers for increased efficiency.

Drawer dishwashers typically include specialty wash settings for fragile items. These versatile appliances spare you from hand washing delicate china, glassware and stemware while hosting dinners. Since the drawers work independently, they can perform different wash cycles at the same time. With drawer dishwashers, you can wash delicate crystal and soiled pots in the same load. Spend more time enjoying special occasions and less time washing dishes with drawer dishwashers from Sears.