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Get Personalized Cooling with Table Fans

If you sleep best with a background of white noise, you may appreciate the gentle hum of a small fan in your bedroom. Set up a personal fan on your nightstand to fall asleep quickly. A small table fan will also circulate cool air as you sleep, which may help you sleep more soundly.

Even when the air conditioner is running, you'll want to move air from the small vents throughout each room in your home. With a number of small table fans operating in the spaces you occupy most, you'll stay cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days.

When you're choosing the right fans for your home, you'll find several sizes and additional features that can help you choose the perfect model for your space. Some table fans are battery-operated, which can be ideal for a small office cubicle with limited available outlets. Other models oscillate so you can cool a larger area with a fan that circulates air quickly and efficiently. Most table fans are portable so you can move them from room to room with ease. Head to Sears to find the best selection of small fans for every space in your home.