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Beat the heat this summer with powerful new fans from Sears

Create a comfortable atmosphere at home with fans for every room of the house. When it gets hot and humid outside, ensuring proper ventilation inside your home is an absolute necessity. The pleasant breeze from a window fan, ceiling fan or stand fan is so pleasing that you may not even have to turn on the air conditioner. Many fans are equipped with customizable speed controls that can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet your needs.

Table fans from Sears can be moved around easily and placed anywhere they're needed throughout the house. Try placing one on the side table next to your bed for a cooler atmosphere when you’re sleeping or on the kitchen window sill to get rid of strong odors while cooking. Wall fan fixtures keep the air fresher and provide all the circulation necessary for a room. You can even opt for stand-alone designs that can help distribute cold air from AC vents to other areas of the house.

Indoor fans for the ceiling are ideal for larger spaces. These permanent installations are powerful and make beautiful additions to your existing home decor. Whether you’re looking for a small tabletop fan or one that's capable of cooling off an entire room, Sears has an outstanding selection of fans for your home.