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Expand your Frozen Foods Storage with a new Upright Freezer from Sears

Whether you buy foods in bulk, are an avid hunter or just like to stock up on ingredients in advance for your favorite meals, a new upright freezer can provide the additional storage space you need. Instead of trying to cram frozen foods into an already full freezer compartment in your home's top freezer refrigerator, move the excess products into a spacious new stand-up freezer. The extra room will allow you to sort and organize ingredients by type, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for right when you need it.

These versatile freezers range in size from miniature models featuring less than 10 cubic feet to over 20 cubic feet of storage space. Whether you're outfitting a small pantry, a full garage or a finished basement, there's an upright freezer at Sears that will meet your needs. A frost-free upright freezer is specially designed to prevent frost build up and freezer burn, which means those seldom used ingredients will last even longer. You also won't have to manually defrost a frost-free freezer, which will save you valuable time and energy.

Stand-up freezers are built using durable materials that will last for years of use. When your bottom freezer refrigerator gets overcrowded, upgrade your frozen food storage options with a new upright freezer from Sears.