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Air Quality

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Keeping the air clean in your home is as important as regulating the temperature. Between pollen, pet dander and dust, there are a number of airborne contaminants that can irritate noses and have you always running for a tissue. Sears can keep your air clean with the help of a Kenmore or Blueair air purifier that have trusted HEPA air filters. 

To keep moisture at a desired level, you'll want to get a humidifier or dehumidifier. Sears carries models from trusted brands like Whirlpool, which will let you easily regulate the humidity of your home. Wheeled units can be maneuvered into various rooms where it's need with little to no physical strain. With these and a full supply of air purifier accessories, you'll keep your humidifiers running smoothly and keeping air at your desired humidity.  

Whether you're looking to achieve some respite from seasonal allergies or are tired of waking up with dry skin, there are air quality appliances to help you. Our air purifiers will clean the air in your home, so every breath is fresh air. With a dehumidifier or humidifier, you'll keep your home feeling perfect every day. Shop Sears for all your air quality appliances and accessories.