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Whip up Delicious Meals on a new Cooktop from Sears

Whether it's an elaborate breakfast or a simple tomato soup, Sears has cooktops to help you create delicious dishes. There are both gas and electric countertop stoves, so you can cook the way you like. Plus, the varied burner number and configuration will help you get the cooking surface that's perfectly suited to you. Paired with an efficient wall oven, you'll have a kitchen ready to take on many meals to come.

If you're kitchen isn't set up for a range hood, you can get a downdraft stove top. These models will help reduce steam, smoke and oils from entering the air and making the atmosphere uncomfortable. Varying burner sizes give you just the right amount of heat. That way you don't burn sauces or have enough space to cook large quantities of food at once. Sears has models that feature bridge elements. These burners are long enough to heat griddles, allowing you to fry bacon and eggs or cook multiple grilled sandwiches.

Whether you need a small stove top for your apartment or a large model to help feed the whole house, you can find any size to fit your kitchen perfectly. Sears has stainless steel cooktops that are durable and give your home a sleek, modern look.