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Make Meals in a Snap with a Countertop Microwave from Sears

Whether you need to thaw some beef to whip up burgers or zap some leftovers, a countertop microwave makes prepping meals a breeze. This powerful kitchen appliance performs a number of cooking tasks in half the time. The size gives you plenty of internal capacity, but they keep your counters free to house a mixer and other appliances. Sears carries a wide selection stainless steel countertop microwaves and other finishes to match your current kitchen decor seamlessly.

Cooking for the entire family can be time consuming . A microwave allows you to stock up the deep freezer and heat anything up in just minutes. Pre-made frozen meals are ready in a few minutes, which is perfect when your schedule is packed tight. A compact countertop microwave is the perfect option for people who are strapped for space. That way you get the cooking tools you need without sacrificing your space.

A powerful countertop microwave oven is essential to every home. You're not always going to have ample time to prep a full meal. Trust your machine to whip up delicious for you and your family. From delicious frozen veggies to a tasty snack like popcorn, Sears has the microwave you need to make all the foods you love.