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Pick a High-End Wall Oven from Sears and Make Memorable Meals

Creating the perfect kitchen could mean getting creative with the placement of your appliances. With a fridge, dishwasher and other kitchen fixtures, space can be at a premium. A wall oven lets you reclaim unused vertical space and maximize your kitchen's efficiency. Modern built-in ovens are thoughtfully designed to be user friendly, featuring large windows for clear visibility. Controls are more precise than ever before for consistency and reliable performance. Pick from chic finishes including smudge-proof exteriors in black, stainless steel, white and other specialty colors. Sears has a wide-ranging selection of ovens that will help you set up the custom cooking area you need.

Electric Wall Ovens

Designed with convenient controls and a roomy interior cavity, electric wall ovens let you experiment with a number of recipes and let your family and friends savor the taste of freshly baked food. Make multiple batches of cookies to gobble up or a pot roast that'll be devoured in minutes. The easy-to-use controls and self-cleaning feature available on many models make adjusting the temperature and maintaining your appliance a cinch. While a single oven is sufficient for average-sized families, a double wall oven makes sense for larger households. Individual controls for the top and bottom units let you cook different types of dishes on the menu at the same time. There are even combination microwave and traditional oven styles for even greater versatility. Render meat and veggies brown and crisp, so everyone can bite into a heavenly crust in every mouthful.

Gas Wall Ovens

Since power outages affect the performance of electric ovens, you can consider a gas wall oven, which delivers equally delicious results. Gas ovens are especially suitable for broiling and high-heat cooking. This is perfect to deliver last-minute dishes when there's a shortage of eats or to feed extra guests. Wall ovens come with one or two racks that allow five or more positions to accommodate pots and pans of varying dimensions. Convection wall ovens provide uniform heating for every inch of the interior cavity to produce evenly cooked pies, roast chicken or casseroles. Gas wall ovens let you control the temperature more easily than in electric ovens.

Warming Drawers

Even after a following recipe to the last detail, the food can fall flat if served at the wrong temperature or wrong time. Sometimes, people are just not hungry even when we think they are. It's at these times that warming drawers are life savers. Not only do they allow expert-level meal preparation, they also provide flexibility to adjust to changes in family schedules. No one has to eat a cold meat just because they practiced a little longer in the gym or had to stay back for a crucial meeting. Other than warming food, these appliances help in defrosting, cup warming, plate warming and low temperature cooking.

Shop Smart Wall Ovens from Sears

Make the most of your kitchen with a new wall oven from Sears. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of the current times, sophisticated wall ovens are designed with ergonomic features to simplify cooking processes while saving time and floor space.