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Secure Your Food Overnight with Freezerless Refrigerators from Sears

When you run out of space in your standard refrigerator, trust a powerful single-door refrigerator to house everything that needs to stay cool. This is the perfect appliance if you love entertaining and want to keep extra party platters and beverages cool and ready to go. Plus, if you are buying in bulk, having easy access to the fridge and ample room makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. Sears has all kinds of refrigerators that offer style and convenience in your kitchen.

Features of Freezerless Refrigerators

Keeping a fridge organized is half the battle. Between gallons of milk, meat, veggies and other plastic containers, it can be tough to find space for it all. The latest freezerless refrigerators deliver a variety of shelving and storage options. Door storage is perfect for keeping extra half and half on hand, so your morning cup of Joe is just to your liking. Crisper drawers will help keep your veggies and other produce fresh. These stand-alone refrigerators are the perfect place to thaw meat you have just taken out of the deep freezer.

Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas

How we store our food can significantly influence our diet and eating habits. With a full size freezerless refrigerator, there is a natural push towards consuming more fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. This can lead to healthier meal choices and a necessary shift away from processed or frozen foods.

Interestingly, it is the space that is not there! Because of absence of a freezer, it helps you stay healthy by keeping you away from frozen foods. Suddenly, you're not tempted to reheat leftovers or pull out a quick meal from the freezer. You are encouraged to cook what you have, discover new recipes, and truly savor the taste of fresh, seasonally available produce.

Sears has Multiple Options

Sears has a great selection of single-door refrigerators to keep all your favorite foods at the perfect temperature. Find a freezerless refrigerator today to keep your home stocked with fresh food for many meals to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are freezerless refrigerators good for you?

Adopting a freezerless refrigerator is a decision that requires reflection on your household's size, eating habits, and storage needs. If you are the type to buy groceries for the week and cook from fresh ingredients, you might find that a freezerless refrigerator is the perfect complement to your lifestyle.

What are the other benefits of using a freezerless refrigerator?

Freezerless refrigerators tend to be more energy-efficient than their freezer-combo counterparts, with lower utility bills as a result. They also enable homeowners to have more control over their kitchen layout, allowing them to choose separate freezer units. In addition, they also happen to offer more organizing space.