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Dry Laundry Naturally with Indoor and Outdoor Clothes Drying Racks

Quality clothes drying racks can cut down on household energy usage while maintaining the integrity of your wardrobe. Sears has a variety of indoor and outdoor models that secure garments in place as they dry naturally. This gentle method uses less energy and heat than a standard dryer, and is great for year-round garment care.

An outdoor laundry rack is especially convenient in warm weather. A standard t-post clothes drying rack is made of sturdy metal and features a powder-coated finish. This means the materials resist rust and corrosion, even after heavy rains. The long clotheslines provides ample space for rows of shirts and pants to dry in the sunshine. Larger families may prefer a spring-loaded model that expands with a quick pull. Dry several loads of laundry and then fold the rack down to save space.

Indoor clothes drying racks are as useful on a snowy winter day as they are on a bright summer day. Try a ceiling-mounted model that won't take up valuable floor space. Hang rows of delicates across the wide racks to dry naturally. Fine materials will stay in great condition without being subjected to the heat and tumbling of a conventional dryer. After the dry laundry is folded and put away, the rack retracts back towards the ceiling for easy storage. Take care of your clothing with laundry racks from Sears.