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Expand your Kitchen or Create a Miniature one with a Hot Plate

Hot plates add versatility to a kitchen, making it easy to prepare large meals in a small space. Sometimes all it takes to make a meal come together is that one extra heating element to make a sauce or heat up a side dish. During buffet-style dinners or potlucks, you can set a portable range on low and keep a baking dish warm until everyone is done eating.

While an extra heating element can expand a current kitchen, it can also create a compact kitchen space nearly anywhere. Electric burners make it easy to cook full, hot meals wherever an electrical outlet is available. No longer will you be stuck choosing between cold foods or takeout in small studio apartments, dorm rooms and offices.

Lightweight and portable hot plates let you take a kitchen on the go, too. Pack up a portable range from Sears along with a frying pan for your next camping trip to take a bit of the civilized world with you. Just plug in at the campsite and fry up some freshly caught fish or make eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Modern electric burners also come equipped with a variety of features that make them easy and safe to use, like heat indicator LEDs and slip-resistant bases. See the difference a hot plate from Sears can make in your kitchen.