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Carve Roasts and Breads Precisely with an Electric Knife

Whether slicing a holiday turkey or a loaf of warm bread straight from the oven, an electric knife can create clean cuts with less work. Rather than sawing through foods with a traditional kitchen knife, corded and cordless models move the blade with the touch of a button. As the blade slides back and forth, the even motion creates more consistent cuts without fatiguing hand muscles. Sears carries both electric carving knives and complete carving sets to expand any kitchen cutlery collection.

Electric knives are simple to use. A corded model is convenient around the kitchen to slice loaves of bread, blocks of cheese or large roasts. Insert the blade of your choice that's best suited to handle the job. Once the blade clicks into place, plug the handle into any outlet and push a button to set the knife into motion. The even movement glides through any food with ease. Safety locks and slicing guides help any home chef cut with confidence.

When serving a holiday feast to family, a cordless electric knife set ensures that every guest receives a delectable portion. Try a carving set that contains an electric carving knife and fork. The pointed steel fork pierces the roast easily to hold it steady as the knife cuts thick slices with complete control. Some sets include a carrying case to store the blades and extra batteries until the next banquet. Serve delicious meals effortlessly with electric carving knives from Sears.