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Enjoy Naturally Delicious Beverages with a Countertop Juicer

Juicers squeeze every last drop of goodness out of flavorful fruits and vegetables. Whether using a stainless steel centrifugal model or compact citrus juice extractor, your everyday drinkware will be filled to the brim with nutrient-packed beverages. Create naturally sweet fruit juice for the kids or blend a vibrant green drink for yourself. Whip up a variety of creative concoctions with a juice machine from Sears.

Automatic juicers separate juice from pulp in minutes. There's no need to break out the cutting board. Simply slide whole apples and carrots down the wide-mouth chute of the juice extractor and fresh juice pours out the spout. The built-in pulp bin collects excess plant material, so you can easily toss it in a compost bin. Choose between a cold-press, masticating design or fast-spinning, centrifugal juice machines.

A citrus juicer can produce zesty orange juice to brighten up the morning. Squeeze large, ruby red grapefruits or tiny key limes with the motor-driven reamer. The clear measuring lines ensure that you prepare enough juice for each breakfast guest. The fresh juice collects in a pitcher below, so you can serve it immediately, and clean-up is simple thanks to removable parts. Enjoy delicious, customized drinks with a juice machine from Sears.