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Rice Cookers Help Make Rice, Steam Vegetables and Cook Many Dishes

Use rice cookers to achieve the firmness and texture desired in rice dishes. With rice cookers from Sears, you no longer have to worry about common difficulties associated with making rice. Some machines calculate the measurements for various types of rice, taking the guesswork out of each recipe.

Instead of risking undercooking, overcooking or finding burned rice stuck to the bottom of the pan, let rice cookers do most of the work. They determine cooking time, temperature and the amount of water and rice to add. Rice cookers are intended to produce delectable rice every time. You will be delighted to scoop fluffy, steaming rice into each bowl with a big serving spoon.

You can even use rice cookers to prepare foods other than rice. Some of our rice steamers can even steam vegetables. Chop up your favorites such as carrots or broccoli on the cutting board and let the machine steam them to the preferred level of softness. Add them to a stir-fry dish that will make the whole family happy. Some rice cookers can also help prepare oatmeal, soup and stew recipes. Wonderful rice is just the beginning of what rice cookers from Sears can help you create in the kitchen.