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Enjoy Fresh, Fluffy Rice with a new Rice Steamer from Sears

If you want to take the stress out of dinner, a rice steamer can create healthy entrees or sides with ease. Rather than juggling several dishes at once, simply set the machine with the easy-to-use controls and watch it get to work on a tasty meal. With a little water, the humid environment in the steaming chamber saturates each grain of rice to create a wonderful texture, helping enhance the delicate flavor. Whip up simple dinners with a new rice food steamer from Sears.

A tiered machine is a versatile option for any kitchen. Peer through the clear steaming chamber to check on the food. While a rice steamer is ideal for warming up rice, it's also versatile enough to cook vegetables and meats without extra oils and fats. Cook a rice bowl and veggies simultaneously, thanks to the stacking steamer trays. The plastic containers are also simple to clean after the meal is over. Toss the pieces into the dishwasher when you're done for easy cleanup.

A stainless-steel steamer is a great option for a modern kitchen. The metal construction looks sleek and matches seamlessly with your stainless-steel microwave. Many models also feature stacking steam baskets and carrying handles, so you can take fresh rice directly from this appliance to the kitchen table. Food preparation is simple with a rice steamer from Sears.