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Self-basting Rotisserie Ovens Deliver Delicious, Moist Meals

Rotisserie ovens bring a new kind of cooking to the kitchen without taking up much space or time. Sears' rotating ovens lock the flavor into a piece of meat, but unlike a slow cooker, they can provide a crisp, roasted taste. The constant spinning allows the fats and juices to coat the meat and be reabsorbed instead of simply dripping off. With a rotisserie, you'll enjoy restaurant-quality roasted chickens right at home.

Don't feel limited to roasting birds in your new oven, though. The only limits as to what a rotisserie oven can cook is the size, though a rib-eye roast will need to be tied to keep it together, and smaller meats like shrimp will require a basket. Your carving set will slice through rotisserie-cooked meats with ease, cutting up any leftovers for tender and flavorful sandwiches. Enjoy those leftovers even more knowing you simply pushed a few buttons and let your rotisserie oven do the work for you.

With the right tools, a cook can prepare impressive meals on even a busy schedule. While your main course cooks, you can focus on preparing the rest of the meal. Put home-roasted meats on the menu with a new rotisserie oven from Sears.