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Clean Efficiently with Built-in Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems provide the power you need to deep clean carpets and floors. Instead of dragging a vacuum with a canister, cords and accessories into each room, you can plug the hose into a wall outlet and clean the floors in each room. At Sears, you'll find all the central vacuum parts and accessories that you need to clean your carpets and hard floors efficiently and quickly.

You'll find there are many benefits to using a central vacuum. When you use a built-in vacuum system, you'll discover that the central vacuum hose and parts weigh less than other standard canister and bagless upright vacuums. You'll also love the quieter operation of a central vacuum. If you have allergies, you can find central vacuums that remove allergens from the house through an exterior exhaust instead of circulating them through the air.

When paired with carpet cleaning products, central vacuum systems offer a powerful solution to your carpet care problems. Not only can you enjoy the convenience of being able to plug your central vacuum hose into any room of your house and deep clean carpets, but you'll also be able to minimize allergens in your home. Whether you're looking for a new system or replacement pieces, Sears has the central vacuums, parts and hoses that you need to keep your built-in vacuum system operating with ease.